Promo video for SpotOnMedics Academy

About the video

SpotOnMedics All-In-One Physio Platform is a frequent client of NOBLY.

This promotional video was made to promote the SpotOnMedics Academy. In the video you see Lisanne, as a physiotherapist, struggling with the use of the new SpotOnMedics software. Thanks to SpotOnmedics Academy she gets to know the software well and therefore can continue independently afterward.

The video is now being used for:

  • The website
  • Email marketing
  • Events
  • Social media

NOBLY gave SpotOnMedics a boost with

  • Writing the script

    After an initial setup by SpotOnMedics, NOBLY shortened the script and customized it more.

  • Recording and producing

    NOBLY recorded one day at two different locations with a self-made tight schedule and scenario. Make-up & location were arranged by SpotOnMedics itself.

  • Video editing

    After recording, NOBLY produced the first concept. After processing a lot of feedback in the first round and the following round some more details, the story was set.

  • Title animation

    The logo and the title animations at the end are somewhat animated for a professional look.

  • Special Effects

    Not NOBLY’s specialty but we also made a small special effect ourselves: the smoke cloud with the explosion in the video.

  • Audio mastering

    Audio mastering is a profession in itself, which ensures that music and voice are always heard on all devices.

  • Voiceover

    Although we did not voice record the video ourselves, we helped to find the right voice for a good price.

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